Club History

Founded by a group of Glen Iris locals in 1967, STC is proud of its background, its local community and maintains the family spirit that helped it grow to a strong and viable community club. 

STC’s home ground is Nettleton Park in Glen Iris, with our first and second XI sides playing their home games at Hartwell Sports ground, Glen Iris. 

In the beginning..

In mid 1967 Alan Yarwood called out over the side fence to his next door neighbour Peg Burt, “Is your husband interested in cricket?". That remark was the beginning of STC South Camberwell Cricket Club. Alan Burt was overseas at the time; on his return, he and Alan Yarwood enlisted the help of Joe Cain and the curate of the local Catholic church of St. Cecilia's, Fr. John O'Callaghan, in fielding a team from the local church.

An approach was made to Rev Wittingslow of the local St Mary's Church of England to sponsor the club, to be known as St Cecilia's Cricket Club, into the Eastern Suburban Churches Cricket Association. That Association however refused to accept the club into their competition as at that time Catholic clubs were not allowed to enter.

An application was then made to Mr Alf Dunstan, the President of the Eastern Suburbs Cricket Association (ESCA), for admission into their competition.  ESCA advised that we would be accepted into the Association but only in the lowest grade of matting, ie C Grade. This small group then decided that the club must be given a name. It was decided to retain the Church connection at St Cecilia's but not to use the church name as we were not entering a Churches competition. To this end the name STC (ie St. Cecilia's) South Camberwell was chosen. 

This small group then began a search of the local district for other cricketers with any ability at all, or at least a pair of cricket whites. The club’s first match was played on 7/10/67 against Willison Park, as an away fixture in B Grade matting. We had been graded in B Grade due to a strong representation by both Alan Burt and Alan Yarwood. 

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